Meet Mustache The Dapper Little Kitten

Meet Mustache The Dapper Little Kitten


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Meet Mustache the dapper little kitten. He was found in a warehouse along with his four siblings. "This was the second litter of five born in the attic of the warehouse I work at," said AngelaWomack71, the foster mom, who rescued the litter of kittens and nursed them back to health.

Meet Mustache the dapper kitten. He was found in the attic of a warehouse.

He and his foster dad both have a handlebar mustache!

"Mustache when he was a few days old, before he had his eyes open," said AngelaWomack71.

Eyes finally opened!

"I couldn't leave them and shelters are so full they would've been euthanized. Not on my watch. No way!" she added.

This is Mustache in a food coma. Aww!

"This dapper little dude went to his new home and I miss his sweet little face!"

Photos via reddit.

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