Mowgli the Cat is This Man's Best Friend for 20 Years!


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This young man and his cat Mowgli grew up together and have been best friends for two decades. "My best friend for 20 years... He's had quite the life," said reddit user searingsky.

Mowgli the cat and his human have been best friends for 20 years! | reddit

Mowgli was a barn cat they found 20 years ago. "Not entirely sure about the age, but we got him from a local farm at not-quite-kitten-anymore age."

Mowgli the cat! What a handsome fella! | reddit

At the age of at least 20, Mowgli is doing quite well. "He is still super healthy, although he gets real loud if he isn't the center of attention."

Mowgli loves to play. He is still a kitten at heart!


What he loves the most is spending time with his human for lots of love and cuddles.




"I will give you a massage meow!"


"Can I have your attention always?"


"I won't let you go!"


Stretching out on his human's lap. Mowgli is the happiest cat when he is with his best friend!


We hope you have many many years ahead of you, Mowgli!

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