Orphan Kitten Finds a New Sister with Floppy Ears and a Waggy Tail. She Can't Resist the Love


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Little Tia the tabby became an orphan at just a few weeks old. When she met Bonnie the pup at her new home, she simply couldn't resist the love.

Meet Tia the kitten and Bonnie the pup.

"The day we brought Tia the kitten home with us was the day Bonnie formed an incredible friendship with her. The two have been inseparable from day one," said thebunnyshed1 via YouTube.

"Sadly (Tia) lost her mum to a car incident over a week ago and along with her siblings they were left alone for three days without food or heat," the human wrote via Facebook. Luckily they were found by a local resident who cared for them and found them homes.

They quickly bonded on day one. This is Bonnie giving Tia a mandatory bath.

Tia lying with her new sister side by side, enjoying the sunbeams.

"She's all mine. You can't have her!"

Tia loves to be loved by her sister from another mother.

Watch the full video here:

It's been an inseparable bond from day one.

Now they are closer than ever!

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