Orphan Kittens Adopted By Therapy Dog


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A litter of orphan kittens are now in good hands. Not only are they being cared for by their foster humans, but also they have found a new furry dad who treats them like his own.

Bentley is a therapy dog who was also a rescue just like the kittens. He grooms the babies, keeps them warm and comfortable and even lets them nurse on him.

The kittens think Bentley is their dad and are very attached to him. Bentley on the other hand is very protective of his kittens and always has so much patience for them. It's beautiful to see how much love they have for one another.

This orphan kitten and his siblings have found a new furry dad - Bentley the dog.

Bentley is a certified therapy dog and a rescue himself. He takes to the kittens like his own.

The kittens are very attached to their canine buddy.

And Bentley is very protective of his kittens.

He's become the dad they never had.

Photos by praline3001.

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