Orphaned Kitten Comes Back Roaring from Near Death


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This little kitten went from drifting away to getting back on her four paws, roaring about. What a difference love can make in just one day!

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

She was found abandoned, and brought to an animal shelter in New Jersey. Caitlin Stewart of Rancho Relaxo pulled her from the overcrowded facility Saturday evening before the kitten had to face an uncertain fate. "She had very low blood sugar when we first took her in. She became weak," Caitlin Steward told Love Meow.

"The first 24 hours was a rollercoaster - so many ups and downs! She was limp. Giving her supplement was a last ditch effort. Within a few hours, she was moving again."

Little fighter!

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

The next day, she got a lot more energy and even started walking around.

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

"This little tuxedo panther is getting stronger by the hour. Her right eye is clearing up as well! She has finally perked up and is trying to move around a bit."

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

A good night sleep with warm blankets and a cuddly friend.

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

Learning how to walk at her foster home. She's become an adventurous little explorer!

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

"Listen to that roar!"

The little kitty went from having trouble eating to now chowing down the food like a champ! Amazing improvement!

"She would eat all day if I let her!"

"This little bean bag continues to push forward."

What love and wonderful care can do!

Courtesy: Caitlin Stewart @boochaces

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