Orphaned Kitten Saved Minutes Before Death Row Fights to Live, Now 2 Days After Rescue...


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A tiny 3 1/2 week-old kitten was saved just minutes before death row. Within a day, the little fur buddy went from a sickly kitten to a brave little fighter with bright eyes.

Meet Deb the Miracle kitty!

St Francis Society Animal Rescue

Deb had a rough start to life. She was found all by herself without a mother in sight in Tampa, Florida. She was severely dehydrated, underweight and in poor shape. Her eyes were crusted shut and she would need around-the-clock care to help her survive.

"Momma cat must have been moving the litter and Deb was left behind," Lisa of St Francis Society Animal Rescue told Love Meow.

Time was running out for the little kitten as her fate became uncertain. When St. Francis Rescue, an all volunteer, foster home only group, learned about her plight, they knew they had to save her.

St Francis Society Animal Rescue

"Deb was a '6PM kitten' at our local animal services. Our foster coordinator got the call from the shelter 30 minutes before she was to be euthanized. She now is safe in her St. Francis foster home. Her eyes are infected and she is very underweight — only eight ounces for her estimated 3 1/2 weeks of age."

After cleaning out the crust on her eyes and treated her respiratory infection, the tabby girl could finally see and breathe a lot better.

Eating from a tiny lidSt Francis Society Animal Rescue

Baby Deb is in the good hands of a very experienced fosterer, Andrea, who has cared for many little babies like Deb.

"She's on clavamox and eye meds. She won't drink from a bottle, so her foster mom is drip feeding her and Deb is trying to eat a tiny bit on her own," Lisa told Love Meow.

St Francis Society Animal Rescue

The little fur baby has a lot of growing up to do, but for now she can rest comfortably in her warm, comfy bed, a cuddle bear and plenty of love.

"She has a long road ahead of her, but is definitely a fighter!"

St Francis Society Animal Rescue

She can't wait to grow big and strong.

Little Deb getting some much-needed cuddles with foster mom.

St Francis Society Animal Rescue

With a second chance at life, she's thriving in foster care!

Deb loving her warm pouch. :)

St Francis Society Animal Rescue

If you are able to help donate toward Deb's care, and other kitties like her, please visit their web page here.

Deb snuggling with Mama Teddy:

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