Oscar the Tabby and His Dad

Oscar the Tabby and His Dad


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Oscar the cat was brought home by his dad when he was a few months old. At that time he looked almost like an adult cat, but he still acted as playful and curious as a kitten who never ran out of energy.

"Oscar is a very sweet boy. He loves to follow me like a magnet and demand my attention whenever he can," said Oscar's dad, Duo.

Oscar is a big eater. His favorite snack is egg. "Whenever he smells it, he will walk around my legs and look at me with those wishful eyes. He meows with purrs, trying everything he can to get his treat out of my hand."

"His own little world is much more fun than anyone could imagine. Everyday he sleeps and then plays. When he gets tired, he goes to eat and sleep again. He has all the toys he loves, but his favorite toy is nothing I bought from the store. He likes to play with a walnut. If a walnut drops to the ground and starts rolling and making sounds, as it gets louder, Oscar gets more excited. Every morning before I go to work, I leave one walnut by his side, but by the time I return, the walnut is gone. I tried to look for it in every corner possible, but I couldn't find it until Oscar came over with the walnut by his paws. Before I could say anything, he just dashed off with the walnut, hitting it all over the place again."

"Ever since he found me, there have been more smiles on my face than ever before. He may be a bit lazy and silly sometimes, but he is definitely a special little boy that I am thankful to share my life with."

Photos courtesy of ©Duo (Oscar's stories in Chinese)

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