Owen the Kitty Finds Happiness

Owen the Kitty Finds Happiness


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Owen came to a shelter in Brooklyn, New York along with his sister Alisha and joined four grey orphan kittens and one ginger kitty who was later adopted. Owen couldn't wait to grow up. He loved his bottles and always let you know what he wanted.

Today this beautiful furry baby has found his human to come home with. Laura fell in love with him at first sight. Owen has gained a permanent home, a human mom who loves him and spoils him to bits and a furry friend who is like a big sister to him. "He's been great since the day I got him. I've never had a cat so lovable, I swear sometimes I think that he thinks I'm his mother, he's never very far behind me," said Laura.

Thanks ©Laura for the lovely photos. Kudos to ©Lisa V. for what she does for our furry friends. These 7 photos of Owen will bring a smile to your face :).

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