Pet a Black Cat for Good Luck Today

Pet a Black Cat for Good Luck Today


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There are three black Fridays this year. Today is the third one. Many people decide to stay home, avoid any unnecessary traveling and avoid black cats. :-(

Black cats are loving and affectionate animals. I am a proud cat mother of two beautiful black cats who have given me nothing but happiness, love, and yes, luck! [Why I like black cats]

Friday the 13th is perhaps the most notable day of superstition according to David Emery from At least 8 percent of Americans have some sort of fear of this date.

I believe on Friday the 13th, cats especially black cats, can bring luck and joy to your home. In many countries, black cats are considered auspicious and good luck:

In Japan, cats are looked as a symbol of wealth and fortune. The story of the Super Station Master, a Calico who lives at a railway station, is thought to help reap large economic growth for the town of Kishikawa.

In Russia, there is a tradition to bring a cat home for newlywed couples to symbolize good fortune and fertility.

In Britain, black cats are known to bring good luck and wealth. [Black kitten picture]

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is offering lucky items, with a lucky cat adoption to encourage people to adopt cats and bring luck into their home. Many local shelters also offer discounts today.

Go give your cats a big hug today especially if you have a black cat. Make Friday the 13th a lucky day for you and your furry friends.

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