Pocket Sized Kitten Gets A Second Chance


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She was a pocket sized kitten when they found her alone in the shelter.

"This little lady was taken to the Everett, WA animal shelter when she was one week old. Then she was taken to Purrfect Pals, where she was renamed Pocket since she fits right into your pocket," said Pocket's foster mom via Instagram.

Pocket was sick and alone at the shelter. "She was given medicine, lots of good food and love, and placed with a litter of sweet kitties to be her new friends. She is sweet as can be and has SUPER loud non-stop purr!"

She was a pocket sized kitten when they found her alone and sick in the shelter.

One week old Pocket fits right into a tiny pocket.

They took her home to foster and introduced her to a litter of sweet kittens. She was much smaller than her furry friends.

A handful of sweet fluffiness.

"Everything the light touches is our kingdom ...."

Little Pocket is ready to rule the world.

"I nap here with you."

Pocket all grown up now living happily in her forever loving home.

Follow Pocket on Instagram. Photos by Foster_kittens.

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