Poofed Up Kitten Walks on Two Paws to Get Turtle's Attention


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This little kitten is a bit perplexed by his new friend, the turtle. There's only one way to find out what this hard shell creature is - the kitten way!


First the tabby boy tries to poof up all his fluff from head to tail as he turns his body sideways to appear wider and taller, then kitty proceeds to crab walk around the turtle while trying to retain his 'large' form. But the turtle doesn't budge and continues crawling on the floor nonchalantly.

The kitten changes his plan to create an illusion of height by standing on his two paws, hopping and walking like a little human as he encroaches on the calmly moving turtle.


He is trying everything he can to get its attention!


Watch the full video here:

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