Pug Saves Siamese Cat


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pug saves cat

A pug and a Siamese cat have a strong bond with each other. Besides eating, sleeping and playing together, the pug even rubs and licks the 1-year-old cat as if she is part feline.

The 7-year-old pug, Chloe, and Willow the cat live with Amanda and Ron Bjelland. Every morning Amanda walks her pets to the mailbox as a normal daily routine, but last Thursday things went awry on the way back to the house.

Chloe entered the house, but Willow decided to stay out to explore. About 5 minutes after, Chloe began to bark continueously. Bjelland tried to let the dog out onto the deck, but it did not stop her from barking. She tried to put the dog back inside, but nothing changed.

Chloe kept barking for another 15 minutes until Bjelland decided to go out to investigate what was going on.

She followed Chloe's lead and found Willow struggling in the family's koi pond, peddling her paws, trying to get out of the 3-foot deep waters.

Evidently, the cat fell through the ice that covered the pond. Bjelland immediately pulled the cat out and rushed her to the house to warm up.

Willow was most likely in the pond for about 20 minutes. Chloe was awarded a special bone for saving Willow.

The Bjellands is planning on removing all the ice on the pond since the weather is getting warmer.

The two are back to their usual daily routines but one thing Willow knows is that she is thankful for having a buddy like Chloe.

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