Purple Kitten Rescued from Life as Chew Toy, Now Cuddles with New Friend So Much It Helps Him Heal

Purple Kitten Rescued from Life as Chew Toy, Now Cuddles with New Friend So Much It Helps Him Heal


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A purple kitten rescued from an unfortunate fate is now cuddling with his new best friend, a blind cat. They are both on the road to recovery and their companionship is helping each other heal.

 Nine Lives Foundation

A 7 week old kitten weighed less than two pounds was rescued and brought into the Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City, California. He was dyed with purple ink and was likely used as a chew toy for another animal.

They named him Smurf and he is now recovering from his injuries and receiving a lot of love and care from everyone at Nine Lives. But one cat has made a huge difference in his recovery. Her name is Wanda, a blind rescue kitten.

 Nine Lives Foundation

Wanda was found starving and shivering next to a garbage can on Tuesday December 29th by a caring family. "Unable to care for her, they came to us hoping we might help her," Nine Lives Foundation wrote on Facebook.

It turns out that Wanda is completely blind. "Her left eye was crusted shut and her right eye infected and draining."

"She was placed in the same cage as Smurf on her very first day and has become bonded with him. We will send them into foster care together next week and yes they will be adopted together!"

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Smurf weighed just 1 lb 10 oz when he came to Nine Lives.

 Nine Lives Foundation

Now he is recovering with his best friend Wanda the blind cat. They snuggle constantly!

Nine Lives Foundation

"SMURF continues to improve and his wounds are healing well! We hope that he and Wanda are able to go to their foster home this week!" Nine Lives said.

Watch Smurf giving his best friend a back massage and a lot of love!

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