QB a Little Survivor Kitty

QB a Little Survivor Kitty


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Written by ©Venessa Nina.

Whenever I tell anyone how QB got his name and how I ended up with him they are just amazed by his story. QB is named after the street he was abandoned on, he was a 3 week old kitten that was rescued from oncoming traffic on Saturday May 23rd 2009 after being thrown from a car on Queens Boulevard, here in Queens, New York. It became our personal responsibility to get him fixed up. He had a broken leg but thanks to a generous lady by the name of Emilie we were able to get him to a vet quickly.

Today QB is doing just great. His leg healed phenomenally, I really couldn't have asked for it to have worked out any better. The doctor said since he was so tiny putting a cast on him would weigh him down and most likely hinder the healing process. By the vet's recommendation we left him alone to allow his body to heal naturally. They were confident that since he was so young he would probably be able to heal up all on his own as long as I kept him off his leg, and he did!

Today QB is four months shy of 2 years old and has two sisters. A five year old beagle named Betsy and a ferret named Cloe who is his same age.

I was always known as a dog person. I love all animals but I'm actually terribly allergic to cats. It took months until my body got used to QB's dander, but it was so rewarding helping QB get the second chance he so deserved.

Photos courtesy of ©Venessa Nina.

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