Quin, the Unexpected Tuxedo Rescue

Quin, the Unexpected Tuxedo Rescue


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Written by ©Julia (flickr: jujubalee).

We were hanging out at a friend's house in the backyard. They have a large, yet gentle, older black lab named Sebastian. Unfortunately, they had also been having a mole problem and Sebastian was helping to catch them. In the middle of our conversations, Sebastian came running up to us carrying something in his mouth. We thought it was probably another mole but upon closer inspection we realized it was a tiny kitten, probably no more than a few weeks old. So he gently placed it on the ground and we all gathered around. The kitten was not hurt at all, but it was nice and soggy with doggy drool and mewing like crazy. A friend went searching the perimeter of the yard to see if we could find any other kittens or the mother but there was nothing to be found so we weren't sure where the kitten came from.

We finally came to an agreement over who should take the kitten home, and she's been with us ever since. We named her Quin. We have another 5 year old cat, Sophie, and at 9 months, Quin has already surpassed her in size. She's going to be a big girl!

Photos courtesy of ©Julia (flickr: jujubalee).

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