Rescue Story of Maomao the Kitten

Rescue Story of Maomao the Kitten


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Maomao was found wandering on the streets in Shanghai. Apparently the little fuzzy ball had been digging through trash. Her face was covered with soot and dirt. Lou's friend, an animal rescuer came across this little beauty. There was no way she would let her go. On the same day, she brought the little one to her new foster home.

After she was given a bath, Maomao came out of her shell. Though she was a bit shy, she was very friendly and eager to be petted. Soon they discovered what a big lap cat she is. Mao is a love bug who loved to tag along side her foster mom like a little shadow. She would wait outside the bathroom door or sit by people and never leave their sight.

We are happy to report that Maomao has been homed to a loving family and is very spoiled and loved. She is enjoying her new life that she always wanted. It's amazing how much love and affection she is giving to her new family in return. This is the joy of adopting a rescue :).

Photos courtesy of ©Loulou.

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