Scrappy Kitten and Blind Duck Become Companions

Scrappy Kitten and Blind Duck Become Companions


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They say cats and birds are natural nemesis, but a teeny rescue kitten and a blind duck have found each other and they share a very special bond. "This little kitty was found laying in an alley, whimpering and covered in tar by Adam. It's eyes were barely open," said Laura.

Laura wrote on her flickr: "Frack (our blind-thinks she is a pet duck) has taken a liking to the stray kitty and vice versa. The kitten followed her all around the porch yesterday, and the duck picked at it with her beak and gave it a bath." It's interesting how Frack always follows her seeing sibling Frick as her eyes. Now she is giving back that love and guidance to a little feline friend who was once lost but now had a second chance.

Playful kitty and his protective duck friend:

"Are you my mommy?"

Photos by ©Laura (flickr: mommylolly).

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