Shivering Kitten Crying from Bushes, Now Has Really Turned Around


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Just before sunrise, a family heard kitten crying coming from outside near the front road. Upon further inspection...


They found a tiny kitten, trying to keep warm in the bushes. "She was shivering. It was 30 degrees (-1 degrees C) at the time I found her. She's warm now inside," DetroitLions4Life shares the story via reddit.


They waited for the mother but she never returned. "I live in a rural area surrounded by woods, and we get wild cats coming around here all of the time -- old and young. There has been a regular mangy looking adult hanging around the area for a good month, always getting into my trash."


The kitten was so glad to be inside away from the cold, snuggling under blankets they gave her.

When asked if they would adopt the kitten. They said: "Why not? We have a dog, a cat, three guinea pigs and five backyard chickens ... might as well add another fury friend to the group."


The day after the rescue, the kitten has really turned around. "The little girl is doing great. She's super friendly and so sweet. In fact, she whines every time she can't find one of us in the house -- wants to always be around. Our current cat and dog are treating her well (they really are the most laid back and accepting pets ever -- love them so much)."

They christened her little Poe. "She's already tougher than the Lions."


Update: Cuddling with her best friend! :)

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