Staff and Rescuers Come Together to Save a Tiny Kitten

Staff and Rescuers Come Together to Save a Tiny Kitten


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A customer at a gas station heard meowing but couldn't spot a kitty. After alerting the staff, they discovered that the kitten was somehow trapped inside a wall, pleading for help.

"A call came through to a local SES (State Emergency Service) rescue unit from service station staff after a customer heard a kitten crying in the wall," Heidi Groom told Love Meow. "I was part of a team on 3 SES volunteers who undertook the rescue."

Rescuers located the feline and started planning a safe way to retrieve the crying kitten.

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

"There are no houses near where he was found (back wall of a service station/industrial block) we can only assume he's been dumped," Heidi told Love Meow.

The kitten was wedged in a wall between an old vacant plumbing store and a gas station.

Looking down the hole... The kitten was stuck inside, unable to climb up on his own.

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

The rescuers made a few makeshift tools so the kitten could have something to grab onto.

"We tried a few things, trying to get him to hold onto something or try to climb up," Heidi said.

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

"We rolled up a hessian sack on the end of a rope, and it worked!" Heidi told Love Meow.

"He stood on it and held on."

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

The rescuer quickly picked up the kitten and brought him to safety.

The little fur buddy was covered in rain water and very cold.

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

"We don't know how long he'd been in the hole but Service station staff said at least a good 4 hours since they heard him crying out," Heidi told Love Meow.

The kitten was very friendly to her rescuers and happy to be in their safe arms.

Cuddling with one of the rescuers, Skye.

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

The 5-week-old kitten is now safe, warm and free.

They named him Cookie.

Chowing down his first meal after the rescue.

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

The little ginger is now in foster care with Heidi. When he is old enough and ready, they will find him a forever loving home.

It took a village to rescue this little buddy, but it's all so worth it!

Courtesy: Heidi Groom

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