Stray Cat Jumped into Woman’s Car Curled Up In Her Lap, She Didn’t Have the Heart to Wake Him

Stray Cat Jumped into Woman’s Car Curled Up In Her Lap, She Didn’t Have the Heart to Wake Him


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A ginger cat hopped into a woman's car when she had a door opened.

The mischievous feline invited himself into the vehicle and started meowing to gather their attention.

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz from Ontario, California was getting ready to go to the John Wayne Airport to pick up her niece's friend when an unexpected furry guest jumped into her car for a bit of a surprise.

"While I was making room in the back seat this little guy just jumped right in," Anastasia told Love Meow.

After quickly exploring around the back seat, he walked up to the front and decided to nestle in his human's lap for a nap. They were in a rush to get to the airport but they didn't have the heart to wake the sleeping kitty so they took him along.

"He was very relaxed the whole time. We knew he must be used to people."

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

The sweet ginger snuggled with his human during the entire car ride. He blinked and winked at his human friends as if he'd known them all his life.

"He was in the car with us for about four hours just napping and cuddling," Anastasia told Love Meow.

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

Once they got back with the cat latched onto their lap, Anastasia's sister-in-law offered to take the kitty to the vet while they ran errands.

"The vet didn't find a microchip so we went to social media, posted on Facebook and Pawboost so if anyone was looking for him they could find him," Anastasia said.

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

After the kitty jumped into the car...

Anastasia's brother and sister-in-law took him in to foster while they were searching for the kitty's owner. If no one came forward to claim the kitty, they had a home ready for him to move in.

"My brother-in-law is a navy veteran and has been considering adopting a cat, so if we can't find this little guy's home, he is prepared to be his new forever home."

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

After looking around for his owner online and offline to no avail, they brought the kitty to his new home and named him Chester!

"He is getting lots of love. Since my brother-in-law Markus has PTSD it was really important that he found a kitty that was gentle and wanted lots of attention," Anastasia told Love Meow.

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

Chester showed up one day and surprised them with his affection and love.

"It seems like fate that this little guy jumped right into our car. He rescued us."

Supplied by Anastasia Zamora-Ortiz

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