Stray Cat Jumps into Man's Car to Stay Warm. He just Couldn't Leave the Cat


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A stray cat decided to jump into a man's car to stay warm. "This little guy climbed into my work van yesterday in downtown Detroit to stay warm. They choose you right?" said Jonny (via reddit).

This beautiful black cat settled himself in his work car and didn't want to go. So Jonny asked around the neighborhood to see if the cat belonged to anyone, but couldn't find any. "The guy whose house I was at said it had been outside his place meowing for about two days. Also the neighborhood I was in had about 4 houses that weren't abandoned, and Vet checked for a microchip."

Jonny knew by then that the kitty needed a home, so he decided to adopt him.

A stray cat jumped into a man's car to stay warm. When the man found out that the kitty needed a home, he had no hesitation to help him out.

He took him home and he's there to stay forever.

Photos via reddit.

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