Stray Cat Comes Running When Rescuers Find Her and Her Kittens Outside Apartment

Stray Cat Comes Running When Rescuers Find Her and Her Kittens Outside Apartment


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A stray cat came running when rescuers found her and her kittens outside of an apartment building.

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Catsnip Etc, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) animal rescue in Goshen, Indiana, was contacted by a concerned resident from a nearby neighborhood. A cat who had been abandoned since her owner moved away, gave birth to a litter of kittens outside a few days ago.

"The only protection they had was a cardboard box leaning on the side of the apartment building," the rescue shared with Love Meow. "We rushed over and the neighborhood children showed us where she was hiding."

They were told that the cat could be very protective of her kittens, but as soon as they cracked open a can of wet food, they saw a hungry ginger cat running up to them, eagerly wanting to be fed. That's when they discovered three tiny kittens, two gingers and one tortie, huddled up on the ground.

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"She was starving and followed the can straight in the carrier. We had never seen a can of food devoured so quickly."

Rescuers scooped up the litter of three and gingerly returned them to the rightful mama. The stray cat was very friendly as if she knew that the people were there to help.

"Once we got her home, you could tell she was very used to being indoors," Missy McNeal of Catsnip Etc told Love Meow.

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The sweet cat mom quickly settled down into her new comfy nest. She immediately started nursing and cleaning her precious babies while purring up a storm.

"We are so glad they got to safety before something bad could happen to them," Missy added. "I can't imagine her being out there having babies with all the loud, scary (4th of July) fireworks."

They named the cat mom Gelato and her adorable kittens Creamsicle, Sherbet and Fudgie.

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The doting mother has been busy caring for her kittens and tending to their every need since they moved into their new abode. The ginger cat is so happy to have lots of good food within reach and a comfortable environment to raise her babies.

Whenever volunteers come to visit her, she is eager for their attention and loves to be petted and talked to. "She hasn't stopped purring since we got her," Missy shared with Love Meow.

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Sweet Gelato is very dedicated and protective of her litter. She is also trusting to the people who are helping her.

Watch the loving cat mom and her kittens in this cute video:

Happy cat mom and her

"Momma Gelato is much more relaxed with us being around her babies," Missy told Love Meow.

She allows her caregivers to hold her kittens when they weigh them or check on them. Her purr motor doesn't seem to stop running.

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"We have some cute little eyes opening this morning. All the babies are heathy, flea free now and nursing great."

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Mama Gelato will never have to live another day on the street, and her kittens will grow up in a safe home and get to enjoy all the luxuries as indoor cats.

The little family of four is thriving at the rescue.

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Momma Gelato fills up the room with her endless purrs and continues to melt the heart of everyone she meets.

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