Neighbors Helped Stray Cat and Her Kittens off the Street So They Could Have Better Life

Neighbors Helped Stray Cat and Her Kittens off the Street So They Could Have Better Life


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A young cat is so happy to be off the street with her kittens that she can't stop purring.

calico cat, cuddle, kittenJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

A stray cat had been wandering the streets in a Los Angeles neighborhood for quite some time. A few weeks ago, she was found with her newborn kittens in a driveway.

Some kind neighbors jumped in to help and tried to look after the little family. When they found out that one of her babies was stolen, they promptly reached out to a local animal rescue, Wrenn Rescues, and asked if they could take them in.

Jen Marder, a foster volunteer of the rescue, was contacted about the feline family who was in desperate need. She didn't hesitate and immediately stepped up to help.

"I said, 'of course, I will take them.' We had to save them before more babies were snatched," Jen shared with Love Meow.

calico, cute catJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

They got the cat mom and her five kittens to safety that afternoon. After a trip to the vet, the little family came home with Jen and settled into their new room. "She was immediately friendly, and so were her babies," Jen told Love Meow. "Mama is just the sweetest thing. She wants love and she purrs constantly."

The calico cat was named Whistler's Mother, Anna. "It is a play on the famous painting by Whistler of his mother, titled Whistler's Mother."

calico cat, cat mom, cuddleJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

"This girl is only nine months old. She still has kitten playfulness and is a total sweetie — she has a great purr and is super affectionate."

Her purr reverberates throughout the room as she kneads blissfully on her soft blankets. The doting mother wraps her arms around her kittens to make sure they are loved.

cat mom, kittensJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

When she is not snuggling with her precious babies, she is seeking affection from her foster family. She likes to curl up next to Jen's leg, rolling around and begging for pets. "Whistler's Mother is such a snuggle buddy," Jen added.

The sweet calico is so thankful to have a roof over her head and kind people to help her little family.

sweet cat, calico kittenJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

The playful and rambunctious kittens keep their mama very busy. Watch this cute video:

Whistler's Mother is loving the indoor life. She will never have to live another day on the street or go through another pregnancy.

Despite being very young herself, she tries her best to care for her very demanding little kittens.

stretching, cute cat

"She is doing a good job. She didn't produce much milk, but she does still let her kittens nurse and will let them cuddle up with her," Jen shared with Love Meow.

The litter of five are six weeks old now and growing by leaps and bounds. Whistler's Mother continues to shower them with love and cuddles.

cat mom, kittens, calicoJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

The adorable little family has come a long way since they were found in the driveway. In a few weeks, they will be ready for their next chapter in life — forever loving homes.

Wrenn Rescues hopes to get them adopted in pairs so they will always have a buddy to play and cuddle with.

cat mom, cute kittensJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

It looks like Mama has made her pick -- her little precious baby Whistler.

calico cat, cat mom and kittenJen Marder @jenfosterskittens

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