Stray Cat Made Food Park His Home, Locals Bring Him Back to Health

Stray Cat Made Food Park His Home, Locals Bring Him Back to Health


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A stray cat with an ever-so-nonchalant face came to The Block in San Antonio (TX) one day, and made it his home. He likes to hang out at a food park/bar and sometimes walks up to the locals for some pets and love.

Meet Creampuff or Alfred.

Photo: suey22

People adore this little guy, who brings everyone a smile with his presence, but soon they found out something was not right with his tail.

After a Redditor shared a photo of the kitty, many who had met him, recognized him right away. They began to talk about how sweet of a cat he is, but also showed some concerns about his health.

"After some discussion, it came out that he had an injury on his tail, and several concerned Redditors suggested getting this little guy to a vet for a checkup and neuter surgery," reddit user iamkmi said.

iamkmi volunteered to chauffeur the kitty to the vet and asked if anyone would pitch in to help for the bill. Within hours, they collected $255. So the journey began!

It was Thursday afternoon Creampuff was lounging under a tree, napping away.

Photo: iamkmi

"He was a little startled at first, but came over pretty quickly after I called to him."

Photo: iamkmi

He loves some good scritches.

Photo: iamkmi

The human offered him some delicious food.

Creampuff was a bit shy at first, but with some canned food, it made everything so much better.

Photo: iamkmi

"Distracting him with a can of delicious catfood while I prepare the carrier."

Photo: iamkmi

"I coaxed him into the carrier by pushing the can further and further toward the back."

Photo: iamkmi

"You can see his tail injury in this one."

Photo: iamkmi

They zipped the carrier while the kitty was finishing up the food.

Photo: iamkmi

He was a bit nervous and tried to claw his way out, but his rescuer was there to comfort him the whole way.

"Overall, he did a great job in the car."

On his way to the vet!

Photo: iamkmi

Creampuff wasn't too pleased when he arrived at the vet, but calmed down once they got him in a kennel. They treated his injured tail and gave him an antibiotic and rabies vaccination.

The kitty stayed overnight at the vet to prepare for his neuter surgery.

Photo: iamkmi

"So brave! I learned the staff at The Block call the cat 'Alfred', but I had forgotten his name when I got to the vet, so his name was 'Creampuff' for this experience."

Photo: iamkmi

They returned him back to The Block and back to hanging out with the locals, healthier and happier than ever.

Photo: The Block SA

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