Stray Cat Comes Back to Woman She Befriended So Her Kittens Can Be Helped

Stray Cat Comes Back to Woman She Befriended So Her Kittens Can Be Helped


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A stray cat is so happy to find a safe place to have kittens after life on the streets.

Hilary @catharbororegon

Earlier this year, Meow Village, an all-volunteer rescue group in Aurora, Oregon, received a call about an orange tabby needing rescue. A woman found the stray cat under her porch with a litter of kittens.

Volunteers were able to rescue the kittens and bring them to a foster home to socialize, but getting the cat mom proved to be quite the challenge. The elusive feline cleverly evaded the humane trap and kept her distance from people. Hoping to win the cat over, the kind woman set up a feeding schedule with help from the rescue.

The tabby eventually showed up for food and just kept coming back. Slowly but surely, she began to warm up to her food provider. By the end of July, the cat was comfortable enough to get close to the woman. That's when she discovered that the cat was pregnant again.

Hilary @catharbororegon

Meow Village swooped in to help and provided a carrier. The woman was able to get the cat to safety and take her to the vet for a check-up. The tabby named Buttercup finally bid farewell to street life.

Hilary, a foster volunteer, welcomed the expectant cat mom into her home. She decided to stay in the foster room at night to help Buttercup decompress and to stand by for her imminent birth.

"I didn't know if she had ever lived inside a house before, or if she was feral or friendly. I was up for whatever happened," Hilary told Love Meow.

Hilary @catharbororegon

The tabby cat walked out of her carrier to check out her new digs. She seemed happy with her tail up in the air, and turned around to her foster mom for some pets and snuggles. Hilary breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Buttercup would never have to spend another day on the streets.

"Around 1:30AM (on August 3rd), Buttercup woke me up by nervously moving around the room," Hilary told Love Meow. "I stayed with her while she beautifully birthed six lovely, healthy babies."

Hilary @catharbororegon

This time, Buttercup had her kittens in a clean, safe environment with a comfortable bed, soft blankets and a dedicated caregiver right by her side. "It makes my heart happy that I can make her mothering duties much easier this time."

The cat mom washed all her babies from head to toe and started nursing and caring for them around the clock.

Hilary @catharbororegon

Buttercup is very protective of her kittens and has hardly left their side. When she does take a break to stretch or replenish, she keeps an eye on the little ones and is never far away.

Watch Mama Buttercup and her kittens in this video:

Stray cat and her

"It took Buttercup about a week before she trusted the kittens with me. The first week she would take them from me when I tried to weigh them," Hilary said.

Hilary @catharbororegon

Buttercup has started to accept more help from her foster mom. She is so pleased with her VIP life and constantly fills the room with her adorable rumbling purrs.

The kittens are thriving with their doting mama and a safe, clean home.

Hilary @catharbororegon

"The three kittens from her first litter were able to be socialized and are currently up for adoption too," Hilary shared with Love Meow.

"Ten lives have been saved and given better futures because a woman cared and Buttercup trusted."

Hilary @catharbororegon

The litter of six is around two weeks old. Their eyes are starting to open and ears unfold. Mama Buttercup keeps them well fed and clean, watching over them every step of the way.

Hilary @catharbororegon

No more scrounging for food or shelter, this sweet little family will enjoy their lives as happy, spoiled indoor cats from now on.

Hilary @catharbororegon

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