Stray Kitten Found in Abandoned Building is Turned Around by Love


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A little stray kitten was found in an abandoned building. He was very shy, but a few pets turned him around.

Photo: LaideChan

A young woman stumbled upon a little feline friend when she was in an abandoned building. The kitten was wandering around on his own.

"Found a kitten in an abandoned building! I never thought this would happen to me...," imgur user LaideChan said.

She was able to grab the kitten, wrapped him in a towel and took him to the vet. "(I) was unsure of what to do but thankfully, I have friends who are also cat people. A small carrier was generously donated."

The kitten went home with her that day. They named him Garrett "Turbo" Miller.

Photo: LaideChan

He was a bit shy at first.

Photo: LaideChan

A few pets from his new human dad made him feel much better. "He seems to like my husband."

Photo: LaideChan

He hides behind the porcelain throne, watching his humans carefully from afar.

Photo: LaideChan

He slowly approaches his humans as he becomes more comfortable around them.

"Getting used to his new home."

Photo: LaideChan

A little while later, he decides to come out from behind the toilet and share the blanket with his new family.

Photo: LaideChan

"He really likes my husband which is pretty ironic as the hubby is (was) not a cat person."

The kitty knows he's home!

Photo: LaideChan

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