Stray Kitten Runs Up to Woman Meowing for Help and Won't Let Her Go...


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A tiny stray kitten ran up to a young woman when she was outside her apartment complex in Kentucky. The kitten had ink on her face and meowed pitifully for help.

The kind lady picked her up and the kitten wouldn't let her go.

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"I found her outside my apartment complex. Her whiskers were half burnt off and someone had covered her in green Sharpie ink. She ran up to me and meowed, alone," reddit user deplorableadorable shares with Love Meow.

She knew the kitten needed help and a place where she could feel safe.

"I swept her up and hopped in the car. She looked up at me lovingly like this the whole ride to my parents."

She cuddled with her rescuer in her lap during the entire car ride.Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"She was permanently a little bit wild once the car ride was over, which was to be expected…"

The kitten was so much happier once she was settled in her new home. She knew she was safe.

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"She started approaching us when she thought we weren't looking."

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

After a couple of weeks, as she grew, the ink grew out too.

"We named her Memow after the little assassin cat on Adventure Time because she can be so feisty. Also she can vaguely say her own name so that's cool."

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"She started to trust us more."

The kitty fell asleep in her rescuer's lap, purring aloud.

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

She has come out of her shell and her purrsonality shines through.

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"She began to be less fearful. She even insisted on sitting on the console for a good view out the windshield."

She wants to be near her human mom whenever she can.

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"This is her, six months later, and she still sits in the car the same way."

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"I really am so lucky to have her, she's always unconditionally there."

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"Now she's still a little feral, but she's the happiest, most comfortable cat we've ever seen."

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

"It's really so fortunate that I found her," she said. "It's so rewarding to take care of something and watch her grow."

Memow cuddling with her human and will never let her go.

Courtesy: deplorableadorable

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