Stray Kitten Rescued from Rain Couldn't Stop Thanking His Forever Human

Stray Kitten Rescued from Rain Couldn't Stop Thanking His Forever Human


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A kind young man spotted a tiny ginger kitten wandering on the street on a rainy day. He stopped his car and went to help the little guy.

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On his way to his new home!

Photo by Valeria Segatore

"My boyfriend Daniele was driving with his mom on a road outside Rome (Italy) on Aprile 15th 2011, it was raining and he was going slow, suddenly he saw a red dot on the side and pulled over his car," Valeria Segatore told Love Meow.

"He found this tiny cat, wet and so small." Daniele was very worried about the kitten and knew that he had to call for help.

Logan the rescue kitty settling in his new home. He's so tiny. Can you spot him in this picture? Photo by Valeria Segatore

"He called me (I already had 2 cats at that time) and told me 'Honey I found a kitty! I don't know what to do!'" Segatore said.

"I told him to take him home right away," she said. The couple fed the kitten, set up a makeshift nest with everything they needed to keep little buddy warm. They named him Logan.

Photo by Valeria Segatore

"I took him to the vet the same night my boyfriend came home with him," she added. The kitten had some breathing problem that needed to be treated. "I had to give him antibiotics and do inhalations to help him breathe with a breathing mask."

Photo by Valeria Segatore

"The first night he fell asleep on my neck. We just met 2 hours before and already he trusted me and treated me like I was his mom."

Watch video: Just 2 hours after he arrived, he snuggled up to his new mom, giving her kisses.

They spent two weeks staying in their room with the kitten, nursing him back to health and getting him used to his new surroundings.

They introduced Logan to his new brother Morgan. The two quickly bonded.

Photo by Valeria Segatore

"Now he's a healthy adult cat, always looking for cuddles and attention. We love each other since the first time we met, I wish anyone could feel this way about a pet!"

Logan is very clingy to his mom and keeps her company in the house.

Photo by Valeria Segatore

It's been more than 4 years since they found him on the street, soaked in rain water. Look at him now!

Photo by Valeria Segatore

"We have had cats, but he's the first that made me feel I'm important for him as he is important to me. We are so connected and we depend on each other."

Photo by Valeria Segatore

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