Stray Kitten Running up to Man for Help. Then 6 Months Later...


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Lucille the kitten was found in a field. When a man spotted the little kitten, she came running up to him and the rest is history.

"She was abandoned in a field by his work," said MissApril via reddit. "She came running up to him and he couldn’t resist."

"My husband called me to say he was sorry but he was gonna bring home a kitten," she added. "We already have 3 cats, but hey, what’s one more?"

"He has a soft spot for cats as it is. I was in tears over the little thing."

Photos by MissApril via reddit.

Meet little Lucille. She was abandoned in a field and rescued by a kind man.


He called his wife that he was bringing home a kitten. "We already have 3 cats, but hey, what’s one more?"


Milo the ginger cat wasn't thrilled with the little new kitty at first...


But that quickly changed.


They are best pals now!


Lucille snuggling with her human mom. Happy and loved!



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