Stray Mama Cat and Her 7 Fuzzballs

Stray Mama Cat and Her 7 Fuzzballs


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A beautiful homeless cat found Deb at the beginning of May, 2007. She was meowing and crying outside her window for two days. "It seems like she adopted me," says Deb who took the kitty into her home. She named her Blu which is quite fitting as she has a pair of gorgeous blue eyes.

Soon after she moved in, Deb realized that Blu's tummy was getting rounder and bigger. "I was sure she was pregnant. On June 15th she gave birth to seven kittens."

The seven kittens surely kept Blu busy. She was a wonderful mama cat, nursing and cleaning all seven babies diligently. She was caring and never left sight of her kittens.

The little fuzzballs grew bigger and stronger everyday. After two months of fostering, Deb was able to find all 7 of them their forever loving homes.

Photos courtesy of Deb Schultz.

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