Tanzy the Brave Paraplegic Cat, Then and Now


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This adorable Siamese kitten was just two days old when she was found. It was soon apparent that Tanzy the kitten was unable to use her back legs due to injuries, but the little Siamese is a fighter and wouldn't let it stop her.

The kitten found a haven of hope at Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, NJ. Through a generous grant from Paws and Claws Society, Inc., Tabby's Place was able to rescue tiny Tanzy – and to promise her the world-class, specialized care she would need.

Photo courtesy of Tabby’s Place

Even in the midst of her struggle, Tanzy’s spark was bright. Now six weeks old, Tanzy has the confidence of a tiger, and a meow that sings to the world that she is here to thrive. Although she can't walk, Tanzy moves as quickly as any kitten, using her strong front legs to motor along and play with friends.

Given Tanzy's young age, the Tabby’s Place team is optimistic that physical therapy may help improve her mobility. They plan to outfit her with a custom-made mobility cart. Tanzy is excited about her next chapter in life.

Full story of Tanzy. Photos by Tabby’s Place Follow Tanzy on Facebook.

She got a second chance at life thanks to Tabby's Place.

Photo courtesy of Tabby’s Place

At 6 weeks old, she was a little fighter...

Photo courtesy of Tabby’s Place

Photo courtesy of Tabby’s Place

Growing up!

Photo: Tanzanite - Paraplegic Cat

Update: Tanzy turned 1 year old!

Photo: Tanzanite - Paraplegic Cat

All grown up! What a beautiful kitty she's become!

Photo: Tanzanite - Paraplegic Cat

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