Man Saves Cat from Woods and Nurses Him Back to Health

Man Saves Cat from Woods and Nurses Him Back to Health


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A man spotted a hungry, dirty, flea infested kitty in Virginia. Though he was from out of state, and was there working on an independent film, it didn't stop him from bringing the kitty to a safe place, cleaning him up, and nursing him back to health. This is the story of Cheeto's recovery: from a little homeless ginger to a happy kitty who now has a place to call home.

Little Cheeto was found out in the woods. He was famished and "Battling the cold, starvation, dehydration, and covered in bugs, fleebies, and his own mess- the little guy is worn out. 1 lb 2 oz," Reddit user Chasemburger wrote. "We named him CHEETO because his body was so skinny and his head was so big in comparison- like Chester Cheetah."

"My mom adopted him- well, I let him stay in her apt. for one night and that's all it took. Cheeto's new home!" said Chasemburger.

He found the kitten out in the woods. Cheeto was a bag of bones. Reddit user Chasemburger didn't have anything but a subway sandwich. "He liked Subway or really any food at that point."

Exhausted. The little guy is worn out, weighing in at only 1 lb 2 oz

A nap time before bath time.

Chasemburger wrote: He was covered in at least a couple hundred fleebies and serious grime. That water was clear before we dunked him.

First time on all fours exploring

His safe place before they took him on a plane

They flew him home with them. 3 weeks later, he couldn't stop playing

Now he has fully recovered at 5 lbs.

Photos by Chasemburger via reddit and imgur.

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