The Spice Kittens

The Spice Kittens


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Written by ©Victoria Rittinger (flickr: viva_victoria). Victoria is a volunteer for Houston SPCA and has cared for many rescued kittens.

The Spice Kittens were awesome little guys - very small, a little over a pound, and barely weaned when I got them. Curry is the orange tabby boy and Pepper is the tortoiseshell girl. They were both sick with diarrhea and could only eat Kitten Milk Replacement formula, but they rebounded quickly with love and attention, and eventually figured out the whole litter-box thing.

Pepper got healthy first, so she loved to wrestle with her brother Curry who didn't quite feel too good yet, but eventually Curry got healthy too and got his revenge! Curry is extremely outgoing and friendly (his current forever dad says "a bomb could go off next to Curry and he'd be unfazed"), and Pepper is more reserved and shy, and grew up to be quite the beautiful girl.

They were both adopted by a bachelor friend of mine, and are currently wreaking havoc in his home and taking naps with him when they're not.

I hope a few people see this and decide maybe fostering is for them too. It's so rewarding!

Photos courtesy of ©Victoria Rittinger (flickr: viva_victoria)

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