These Cats Lost Their Battle with Bees. How We Can Help!

These Cats Lost Their Battle with Bees. How We Can Help!


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When a kitty thinks they can win a battle against a bee, they often end up getting stung. It's important for us, humans, to know how to help our fur babies out at times like this.

Cat's nose after losing a battle with a bee.


Calmly soothe your cat, so they know your presence and feel comforted. If the stinger is still embedded in the skin, do not squeeze or rub it or try to remove it with your hands because you may break it. Scrape it out with a credit card or the dull side of a butter knife.

If your cat ate a bee and got stung in the mouth or throat, take your furry friend to the vet immediately.

After the stinger is removed, you can help get the swelling down with an ice pack. For more info check out this link.

They came home to find their cat in a bit of a pickle.


Waffles had an unfortunate run-in with a bee.


Kitty got stung on the paw.


Huxley decided to eat a bee, but...


This kitty had the same encounter and learned his lesson.

This is why kittens shouldn't play with bees.


One of the paws was stung by a bee.


This gray kitty had a fight with a bee.


Instant regret after eating a bee...


Dogs aren't immune to bee stings either... aww!


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