They Save Kitten's Eyes and Help Her See, What a Difference in Just 5 Days

They Save Kitten's Eyes and Help Her See, What a Difference in Just 5 Days


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A tiny kitten was found with her eyes crusted shut. They saved her eyes and helped her see again.

One Friday morning back in 2012, Joan Bowell of God's Little People was on a rescue mission when she heard a kitten cry out for help.

Courtesy: God's Little People

"I heard her a little further down the road from the dumpsters and instantly ran towards the noise I heard. I soon discovered her lying in the side of the road and I was horrified at the state of her eyes," Bowell shares with Love Meow.

"Where there used to be eyes there was just two huge 'mud-cakes.'"

The little black kitten was three weeks old and just skin and bones. "She had for sure been lost from her mom for some days. How she'd made it on her own remains a mystery. There was nothing I dared do with the state of her eyes so off to the vet I went."

The veterinary nurse came with a vet tissue and removed the 'cake' to reveal an unbelievable amount of puss. "Then the vet had a go - first flushing the dry mass and then using a thin tweezer gently pulling off the mass in little pieces."

The kitten was very dehydrated and needed tube-feeding. She stayed at the vet for the first 24 hours. "The day after the state of her eyes looked more promising and she was eating well."

Courtesy: God's Little People

Bowell gave the kitten regular washes and antibiotic eye-cream and treated her for a sniffle. For the first time, the kitten was having nutritious food, building strength for her tiny body.

Look at the difference in less than five days!

She was named Cookie!

Courtesy: God's Little People

"She is utterly enchanting and has us going goofy over who gets to cuddle her (she likes falling asleep in a safe pair of arms or tucked around a warm neck)," Bowell said.

"She eats, sleeps, uses her litter tray (she's such a clever girl!) and creates in us waves of giggles when she plays and makes levitational 180 degree leaps in the air."

Courtesy: God's Little People

Little Cookie turned out to be a super loving, content and happy little kitten.

"This remarkable progress surprises even me. I seriously did not know what to expect when I first found her," Bowell said.

Courtesy: God's Little People

It's incredible just how much both eyes have opened.

Courtesy: God's Little People

"She regained full eyesight in both eyes within three weeks and now has the most beautiful eyes!"

Courtesy: God's Little People

"One week after her rescue I found her brother (he also had really bad eyes) and the two were eventually reunited with mama cat, who I also rescued.

"She was truly one lucky little kitten!"

Courtesy: God's Little People

When Cookie came to her rescuers, they weren't sure if she would see again, but the little fur buddy beat against all odds and ended with a pair of gorgeous eyes.

She is back with her sibling and cat mother at a place they call their forever loving home.

Courtesy: God's Little People

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