They Spent All Night and Morning Saving a Kitten. Now He Can't Stop Cuddling His Rescuer


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They spent all night searching for a crying kitten and all morning rescuing him. When they took the little ginger kitten home, he couldn't stop hugging his rescuers.

Photo by Wei Tsao

Wei shares the story: "Koji and I came back home on Wednesday night and heard a kitten crying but we weren't so sure if it was indeed a kitten and where it came from."

After searching all night, they finally spotted the kitten hidden inside a parked vehicle the next morning! "It took seven people, six hours to finally get him out of the car and catch him! We decided to take care of him," she says.

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Photo by Wei Tsao

They christened the little ginger boy, Tiger, who very quickly became attached to his new humans like family. "He never leaves us, follows us no matter where we go and sleeps right next to us."

Photo by Wei Tsao

Tiger didn't come with a clean bill of health. In fact, he showed obvious signs of breathing issues, so they took him to the vet every day, doing everything they could to get the little buddy back on his paws.

Tiger getting his daily treatment in a chamber to help him fight off his pneumonia.

Photo by Wei Tsao

The little kitten was quite sickly and the vet wasn't so confident if the treatment would work. They would do everything they could to save the kitten, but Wei was told to prepare for the worst.

She continued to take Tiger to the animal hospital everyday for treatment and cared for him around the clock when he was at home.

All the hard work finally paid off. Little Tiger is finally recovering!

Photo by Wei Tsao

"Tiger had his first Purr!"

Photo by Wei Tsao

Things only got better from that point on. "Tiger has so much energy and he is very playful ! You can hear from the video how he breaths differently and that's mainly caused from his sickness and go Tiger go, you can win this battle and all we need is more patience and love!" Wei wrote on Instagram.

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Fully recovered!!! Not only did Tiger beat the illness victoriously, but also grow by leaps and bounds!

Photo by Wei Tsao

Tiger is a happy indoor cat now. One of his favorite pastimes is watching cat TV.

Photo by Wei Tsao

But his favorite thing of all is to cuddle with his rescuer and now forever human.

Photo by Wei Tsao

What love can do! It saves lives! Share this beautiful story with your friends!

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