Three Little Wobblers - Groot, Gamora, and Nova

Three Little Wobblers - Groot, Gamora, and Nova


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These three tiny kittens may be a little clumsy and wobbly, but they are so happy and can't wait for their forever home. Update: They all have been adopted!

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"As soon as we brought them home, we knew there was something special about Groot, Gamora, and Nova. From their stubby little tails to their "drunken sailor" walks, they were quick to steal our hearts," said Jennifer MacMillan of Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA).

"The kittens and their momma were left at a local pet store. A kind man named Bob brought the family home to care for, but then when the kittens were about 5 weeks old their momma cat became ill and stopped nursing the babies. Since VOKRA has so many excellent bottle feeders, the kittens came to us to be bottle fed! They quickly put on weight, developing the cutest little tummies. Once they were feeling better, they started exploring their new digs and haven't looked back since," she added.

"There are several conditions that can cause kittens to have the "wobblies". Cerebellar hypoplasia occurs when the momma cat is ill during pregnancy and the development of the kitten's cerebellum is affected leading to balance and coordination issues. Spina bifida (associated with manx kitties) affects the development of the spine and spinal cord, often causing hind end weakness. They are non-degenerative conditions, so their condition won't deteriorate, and most cats get stronger and learn to compensate for their weaknesses as they get older."

These kitties are such spunky little ones with a love for life. "Despite their mobility issues they get where they want to go - they were even some of my quickest fosters when it came to learning how to use the litter box! The next step was getting them to eat on their own."

They invented a method to help the kitties eat. "At first they were very skeptical about eating off of a plate and insisted on being hand fed. One morning I was sitting with the kittens feeding them one at a time - and if you've ever heard a hungry kitten you'll know they aren't too patient about waiting their turn - and I knew that I had to come up with a way for them to eat all at once. I saw the empty cat food boxes sitting on the floor and decided to put them to good use as 'dining tables'."

WATCH VIDEO: The kitten can eat a lot easier with help from his own 'dining table.'

WATCH VIDEO: They may be a bit clumsy and wobbly, but they love to play and are full of life.

Follow these kittens at VOKRA on Facebook. Photos by Jordan Matthew Yerman and VOKRA.

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