Tiny Bottle Kitten Squirrelly Gets Second Chance

Tiny Bottle Kitten Squirrelly Gets Second Chance


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"My husband found an abandoned newborn kitten--placenta still attached!--and he scooped it up and brought home. I've been bottle feeding him for the past two weeks and he's grown healthy and strong. My 3 year old daughter (Isobel) thought he was a baby squirrel and so named him 'Squirrelly'," said Carrie C.

"Caring for a newborn kitten is really demanding. He needs to be fed every 2-4 hours and can’t even urinate on his own." Isobel has been a great helper. She loves Squirrelly and has learned to bottle feed him and care for him.

Nom nom...

Isobel loves little Squirrelly

Taking a cat nap on Isobel after eating

Best of friends.

Photos courtesy of ©Carrie C. (flickr: ex.libris). Full story of little Squirrelly.

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