Tiny Homeless Kitten

Tiny Homeless Kitten


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A tiny kitten was found by someone's home in Scotland, UK. It took the person a lot of time and patience to have her rescued. This is her story.

"She was hiding under the car mewing in distress. Took long enough for her to come this close," Sheps145 said via imgur

"Nipped out and got some kitten food for her. She was very hungry."

"Sat outside for over an hour to see what she would do."

"Eventually (she) started edging closer, still very shy."

"By 9pm and after plenty of patience, she climbed up onto my lap. Removed a nasty tick from her ear with some tweezers."

"Glad I could help her. I travel too much to look after her myself. Definitely making sure she goes to a good home. She will be missed"

"I'm trying to locate a friend that can take her. I really want to be able to visit," he added.

Story and photos via imgur.

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