Tripod Kitten Born With Three Legs

Tripod Kitten Born With Three Legs


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A tiny kitty named Trinity was born with only three legs unlike her 4-legged littermates. She was taken into the care of The Cat House on The Kings, no-cage, no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats and kittens. The little tabby girl has no idea that she has physical limitations. To her, she's perfect.

"She's about 7 weeks old and comes to us with cute 4-legged littermates. She was born this way... She is friendly, playful, quick to purr... Tripod (or tri-pawed) kittens make wonderful and loving pets and have absolutely no idea that they have physical limitations," said The Cat House on Facebook.

It didn't take long for little Trinity to find her perfect home. She will be greeted by her new big sister, a lovely ginger girl called Marmalady Lemieux, who is also a tripod.

The Cat House wrote on their Facebook yesterday: "Trinity sleeps soundly in the loving arms of her new mom, Laura.... Laura and Trinity are now settled in a local hotel until they both fly home tomorrow to British Columbia!"

Meet Trinity, the tripod kitty who was born with only three legs

She never thinks she has any physical limitations.

Trinity playing with her 4-legged littermate

Happy Tails! Trinity is adopted and on her way to her forever loving home. This is Trinity sleeping soundly in the loving arms of her new mom.

Photos courtesy of The Cat House On The Kings. Follow them on Facebook.

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