Two Kittens Found in Garbage Truck Now Has a New Dad to Nurse Them


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Two little rescue kittens are now learning how to drink from a bottle and even eat on their own after being saved by workers of a waste facility who found them in a garbage truck.

Photo by James Kozanecki via twitter

When the workers heard meowing coming from a garbage truck, they stopped everything and started looking for the kittens.

"Thankfully they made it through the waste production thing without being squished and someone saved them just before they went into the proper machinery," Shannon Langford-Salisbury, education officer of ACTNwaste, told Daily Mail.

"Some of the guys heard them crying and pulled them out of the bin. They were really dirty as it is so dusty in there and they were dehydrated and underweight."

Photo by James Kozanecki via twitter

"It is an absolute miracle that they survived. They would have been thrown into the garbage truck which does crush the boxes, so they could have been crushed then.

"I just grabbed them, put them in my shirt and decided to take them home so I could look after them."

Shannon took the kittens to the vet and got them treatment for infections.

"So we're taking them on board and we're going to try and look after them until we can find them proper homes."

Photo by James Kozanecki via twitter

She named the kittens Piglet and Steve Buscemi after the Boardwalk Empire actor. Her housemate, James Kozanecki, decided he would take on the mother role and try to nurse the kittens with a bottle for the very first time.

He was a bit new to the whole thing and struggled a little bit at the beginning, but soon he got a hang of it :).

Watch the video of James bottle feeding the fur babies:

"The kittens loved my hoodie last night," James wrote via twitter.

Photo by James Kozanecki via twitter

The fur babies have fallen in love with their new dad. :)

Photo by James Kozanecki via twitter

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