Vet Tech Adopts Deaf Cat Who was Unwanted

Vet Tech Adopts Deaf Cat Who was Unwanted


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A deaf kitten was not wanted and brought to the vet one day along with his hearing siblings. "I helped raise his entire litter as part of my duties as a vet tech, and he was the only deaf one. The rest were just sickly, but everyone recovered and got good homes. His name is Dorian Grey, and he is now almost 3 years old," says Whyevernot55 from reddit.

Being a deaf cat, Dorian is never bothered by it. One of his hobbies besides sleeping and eating is being vacuumed. "He will follow me around meowing and rubbing his face on the vacuum until I vacuum him. Sure helps with the shedding!" The other 3 she-cats that he lives with do not approve with his 'strange' hobby.

Dorian has no volume control when it comes to meowing. "He will stand in the middle of the house and wail at the top of his voice. Surprisingly, he's an incredibly vocal, expressive cat," his human added.

Dorian the deaf cat

When he is asleep, even if the world was crashing down, it wouldn't wake him

Dorian snuggling with one of his adoptive sisters

Dorian today, all grown up!

Photos courtesy of Whyevernot55 from reddit.

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