Whitie the Kitty Runs the House

Whitie the Kitty Runs the House


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Whitie was picked up by his human dad who soon became his permanent staff, catering to his every need. Whitie still a tiny little fuzzy ball has already ruled the house. Whenever his dad is working on his laptop, Whitie thinks it's perfectly appropriate to sit down on the keyboard and use it as a heated bed. Whenever his dad walks away from his chair, Whitie jumps on it and lays himself down comfortably as if it is what the chair is for. By the time his dad returns, he is fast asleep.

Whitie is full of mischief. You can see from his eyes. They are constantly rolling for ideas for new antics. No matter how much of a trouble maker Whitie is, he always manages to get away from it. His human dad finds himself vulnerable to Whitie's commands, caving into him is inevitable.

Photos courtesy of ©Quanneng.

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