Wobbly Kitty And Her Dog Foster Dad

Wobbly Kitty And Her Dog Foster Dad


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Seven the kitten is a bit wobbly when she walks, but she's so full of life. She's one of the kittens fostered by this gentle dog buddy.

Story of Seven via YouTube:

"This little kitten is a fighter, and had already used two of her nine cat lives when she came to us, hence the name Seven. She was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is caused when the mama kitty gets infected with a virus while pregnant. Seven and her Mama were living as strays in deplorable conditions, and she was the only kitten in her litter to survive the first few weeks. Around 6 weeks of age, her mama kitty tried to relocate Seven to higher grounds, and unfortunately Seven lost her balance and took a wild tumble off the roof of a good samaritan. She was taken to the nearest vet, who immediately fell in love with her and wanted to help.

In fact, she has no idea she's any different! She is able to eat, drink, and play like a normal kitty. She has a normal lifespan and requires no special medical care. Despite having a lot of balance issues, she has never missed the litterbox once. She is a very special kitty and deserves a second chance at life."

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