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Kudos to people who are going green and using eco-friendly products. However, lately it seems that the eco-friendly idea is used more as a marketing scheme to jack up prices of products instead of selling them at what they are really worth.

Look at this oval shaped pet furniture. It is called the Cat Cocoon. By the way it looks, the name is pretty self-explanatory. The Cat Cocoon is made with layers of corrugated cardboard glued together to form the shape of a cocoon. The furniture piece can serve as a scratching post, cat tree and also a condo (believe it or not). Basically it is a multi-functional pet furniture that is designed to satisfy your cats' many needs.


The structure is made of double-wall corrugated cardboard and water-base glue. No I am not leaving out anything. That's all it is made of.


A whopping $279.00!

If we completely ignored the price, it actually would make a really decent cat product. Is it really worth $279.00? Let's say there is a lot of assembly and artistry that go into making this cocoon, but it is pretty much a stack of glued together cardboard cut-outs and a few holes chiseled out to make the cocoon look more realistic. That way, not only does it have the resemblance, it also allows cats to play through the holes.

Does it make it $279.00? What do you think it is worth? Would you buy it?

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