Would You Buy One Luxurious Scratching Posts

Would You Buy One Luxurious Scratching Posts


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I could never imagine that scratching posts could be beautiful until I bumped into this website. It is called The Company of Pets. They have the most amazing cat scratching posts I have ever seen.

The black cat silhouette can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Kitties can ride on the little puppy or rest on a comfy scratching chair. They will look great for our interior home design, but I have to warn you that the prices are not low at all. The chairs cost $575 each and the scratching puppy would cost someone an arm and a leg with an unbelievable price tag of $1,200. Even the silhouette costs $200. They look luxurious indeed and they are all hand-made, so a lot of the costs go into the labor.

These definitely are a lot more detailed and sophisticated than the Cat Cocoon we saw last time.

Would I buy it? My kitties would definitely love to have one, but the prices are a bit too steep for me, so I am sticking to the traditional, not so classy looking scratching posts.

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