Young Man Saves Stray Cat from the Streets in Brooklyn

Young Man Saves Stray Cat from the Streets in Brooklyn


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Her name is Wanda who was found as a stray in the streets by a good samaritan. She was disoriented,  sick, dirty and smelly. It was obvious to him that this long-haired cat needed help. He brought the kitty to the North Brooklyn Cats for a second chance. When they met the kitty, she looked helpless and smelled as if she lived by a fish store, but everything only got better from there.

"She ate all the food that I left in her playpen during the night," said Eva, the foster mom. She also drank a lot of water, almost half a bowl. The kitty was obviously dehydrated and starving, but now she is in good hands and care.

Slowly Wanda is coming out of her shell and starting to adjust to her new surroundings. "She quickly discovered that warmth and food is enjoyable and meows for attention when she is awake - alone in her playpen. Have I mentioned she has green eyes and will be absolutely stunning when she gets better?" Eva added.

The young man who rescued Wanda didn't leave his name or number. They didn't even get a chance to thank him, but because of him, Wanda's life has been forever changed and she will soon be put up for adoption.

Wanda the cat rescued by a good samaritan from the streets

She is given a lot of love, a very needed bath, plenty of food and warmth.

After the bath... Wanda is a beauty.

Photos courtesy of Eva.

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