A shelter cat climbed onto a young man's shoulders and started kneading and giving him kisses.

"The moment I knew I had to get him. Meet Slade The Cat."

Courtesy of Shawn

"I worked at Petsmart for a while just doing stocking in the early morning and pretty much whenever I got a break I would go and play with the adoption cats," Shawn told Love Meow.

"One day I saw him chilling in there and he just started coming up to the glass and rubbing against the glass and playing with me through it and just generally being a cool cat."

So he decided to go in and hang out with the cat for a bit. "(I) picked him up and he just climbed up onto my shoulders and sat there for a little bit. Then he moved himself around and started suckling on my earlobe while kneading my shoulder," he said.

That was the moment he fell in love and knew there was one thing he had to do. "So after my shift I adopted him almost immediately."

Now at his forever home, "he still climbs on my shoulders and does the earlobe thing and I've had him almost a year now!" Shawn told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Shawn

He loves spending time on his human's shoulders. It's his favorite spot!

Courtesy of Shawn

Best buddies!

Courtesy of Shawn

A year after adoption!

It's been a year since Slade the Cat found his human.

Courtesy of Shawn

There's never shortage of hugs and cuddles in the house!

Courtesy of Shawn

When a cat chooses you, it is pure joy :). Share this cute story!

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