10+ Cats Proud of their Work with the Christmas Tree

10+ Cats Proud of their Work with the Christmas Tree


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These kitties are very proud of their work with the Christmas tree.

It's the time of the year when you put up your Christmas tree and hang up all your festive ornaments. Cats love it because it means they can play with all the new 'toys' and be creative with them.

You never know where their creativity will lead...

She's so proud that she conquered the evil tree.

imgur@ TannerB2014

"I am the star!"


He turned himself into a wonderfully glowy ornament.


The tree was up for 3 minutes...

Mary Lynn via tumblr

How to safe proof your Christmas tree.


Where is the kitty?


His Christmas tree house!


The purrfect gifts under the tree.

by RinnyWinnyWooWah on Deviant Art

Kitty approved!


She loves the tree! :)


Before and after.

Paige Marie

Her first Christmas :).

Chloe the cat via reddit

Have a Meowy Christmas!!!

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