2 Kitten Siblings Born with Perfectly Imperfect Legs, Let Nothing Slow Them Down.

2 Kitten Siblings Born with Perfectly Imperfect Legs, Let Nothing Slow Them Down.


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A kind-hearted woman rescued two special needs kittens who were born with abnormal back legs, but the kitties let nothing slow them down.

Meet Sonnet and her brother Haiku!

SonnetShelby @fosterkittenlove

Shelby, an avid animal rescuer from Portland, Oregon, came across two feline siblings that were in need of rescue. Right away, she noticed something very special about these kitties - they were born with deformity in their hind legs.

"I had read about kittens with twisted legs before and how physical therapy and surgery can really help them. Little did I know they actually have a rare condition known as arthrogryposis along with aplasia and hypoplasia affecting their back legs," Shelby told Love Meow.

"In simpler terms this means they have abnormal joints and incomplete bones."

HaikuShelby @fosterkittenlove

"These two aren't in pain and they don't know that they're different. There's no need to feel sorry for them," Shelby added.

The kittens have figured out how to use the litter box Shelby made for them despite their legs being different.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Sonnet the tuxedo has even started working on her handstands as it helps her walk and move faster. [Scroll down for full video]

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

"They do not have tails but they do have feeling in their legs. We are currently looking into surgical options to try and help them get around or at least use the litter box with a bit more ease."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Sonnet and Haiku are extremely affectionate and love belly rubs.

"Sonnet is a real go-getter. She has managed to scale the gate and get onto my bed four times without me seeing how she does it and she gives me this adorable proud look every single time," Shelby told Love Meow.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

"Haiku is a bit more reserved but a big cuddler! He loves getting face rubs and will try to launch himself up toward my hand when I reach down to pet him.

"They're both very determined to use the litter box even though it's a difficult task."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Sonnet has four toes on one paw instead of five and two nails growing out of the 5th digit.

"She is a lover of laps and owner of 15 toes. She's a rare reverse polydactyl."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

"Some kittens chase their tails, others chase their feet. They 'run' around and play just like any other kitten would," Shelby said.

"When I walk in the room Haiku runs to me for head scratches and belly rubs. It's hard not to fall in love with those beautiful blue eyes."

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

The two siblings are perfectly imperfect. Nothing can stop them from living life to the fullest.

Shelby is determined to help them get the best chance at a quality life and a forever loving home.

Shelby @fosterkittenlove

Follow updates on Sonnet and Haiku on Instagram. If you would like to help with their medical expenses, click here to see how you can help.

Watch these two kitties in this cute video:


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